Maisto Sand Toys Play Set Arena Working Machine Multicolor 11503

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Maisto Sand Toys Play Set ARENA WORKING MACHINE Multicolor 11503


  • Package length: 30.226 cm
  • Package width: 17.78 cm
  • Package height: 9.398 cm
  • Product Type: TOYS AND GAMES

Play on the sand with monstrous vehicles!  With the new Maisto Arena Working Machine!  A new space to use your miniature vehicles!  Have fun on this new game space, fill the light plastic tray with modeling sand and start playing with the included vehicles.  Try a new way to play...

Cool sand toy: The playset can be used to shape sand slopes for the off-road monster truck “WORKING MACHINE”. For endless fun for indoors and outdoors. With a play tray: thanks to the practical, high-edged tray, playing is possible even indoors Maximum fun: With the 8 cm large off-roader “Dirt...