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Peluches Peluche National Geograhic

Item #: 770707
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Branded stuffed Lelly Italian Venturelli , with top aesthetic, the design made in Italy, the best and safest materials are selected every parent wants the child to have the hands of a beautiful and safe play!




Accompany babies from birth to three years old, with emphasis on colors and the "awakening" of the first sensations and experiences.




The brand new cooperation Lelly with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC brings the world of dinosaurs and wild animals in a threatened ecosystem. With incredible detail and excellent construction, the result is a fantastic "zoo" in the room of every child, and not only ...






• figure Height (H): 30 cm.







Code: 770 707

Barcode: 8004332707073

Gender: Boy & Girl

Age: 1-17 years

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