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Motorized Railway Day at the Docks Deluxe Set

Item #: DHC80
Rs: 9945.00
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Brand: Thomas & Friends Category: Trains

Get ready for a fun filled thomas and friends adventure with the day at the docks deluxe set from fisher price. With multiple characters and destinations from the TV show, this big, bustling train set delivers cool motorized action and exciting features that are sure to thrill any thomas and friends fan. Send motorized thomas and motorized salty racing around brendam docks, where they can stop beneath cranky the crane, burst through the tunnel, race over the elevated rails, and speed through the splashing waves. Then, as they enter the sod or shipping company and speed onto the engine lift platform, they’re automatically picked up and transferred to the neighboring track in one seamless motion. This massive train set also lets you build a variety of different track layouts using the included pieces, so you can create new adventures again and again. The day at the docks deluxe set delivers imaginative, motorized play, and lets you experience the world of thomas and friends like never before. Features: Massive track layout featuring multiple activation points, cargo play, motorized Thomas, and motorized salty as train enters sod or shipping company, the lift picks him up, then transfers him to the other track Stop your engines beneath cranky and place the cargo on his hook manually tip the barrel loader to load the cargo into the engine’s cargo car set also includes multiple railway signs, coal hopper, windmill, cargo pieces, tunnel, track risers for elevated adventures, and splashing water activation point Build different track layouts using the included pieces.

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