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Maisto Tech MAISTO TECH RC 1:24

Item #: 81052
Rs: 1995.00
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Brand: Maisto Category: R/C Cars

  Maisto Playerz Luxury RC Series is really luxurious or as they say bling bling If Snoop Dogg was 8 years old he'd definitely be flossing this ride. To describe the how detailed Maisto 1:24 scale Playerz Luxury Series RC vehicle is like trying to describe that bitter sweet taste in your mouth after biting into a new flavor of skittles. It's sorta hard to describe in words. You have to actually see how flawlessly detailed this vehicle is. It's so awesomely detailed it can just look pretty in a display case. You might just possibly keep it inside of it's packaging but what's fun in that You gotta take this baby out for a ride and make your neighbors' RC cars look like it's from a thrifty store. Absolutely everything you need to race out-of-the-box is included. Fully installed RC equipment with batteries. It comes with a Dash Console Design Transmitter. Maisto Playerz Luxury Series RC vehicle is perfect for both novice and advanced RC enthusiasts It also makes a perfect collector's item.Requires 3 x AA Battery (Not included)  1 x 9v Battery (Not included) From the Manufacturer The designs and execution of these 1:24 scale radio control vehicles make the product look like die-cast replicas, but the fast action full force speed brings home the radio control fun. Last year was only the beginning – Maisto has brought you brand new styles, including the pictured 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8. All models include the dashboard hand controller with multiple frequencies so two cars can be driven simultaneously. All models also feature rims by premiere wheel makers.

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