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Lego Friends Mias Roadster

Item #: 41091
Rs: 3650.00
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Brand: Lego Category: Lego

Get out and about with Mia in her funky blue Roadster. Its a beautiful day in Heartlake City, so Mia puts on her shades and heads off to meet her friends. But first, head to the gas station to fill up with special eco-fuel. Top up the oil and check the car over with the tools at the repair stand, then help Mia wash her car to make it super shiny. Put her handbag in the trunk and shes ready to hit the road again! Includes a Mia mini-doll figure.

  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure
  • Features Mias Roadster with opening trunk, gas pump with flexible pipe, washing station and a repair stand with opening drawer
  • Accessories include a pair of sunglasses, handbag, gas station sign, 2 water buckets, soap bottle, foam, cloth and various car tools
  • Drive around Heartlake City and meet up with the friends wherever they are!
  • Put the handbag in the opening trunk and help Mia wash her car
  • Head to the gas station to fill up with eco-fuel and check the car over at the repair stand

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