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Hot Wheels City Core Trackset Sortiment

Item #: X2604
Rs: 2175.00
Quantity :
Brand: Hot Wheels Category: Tracks and Play-sets

Hot Wheels Core Set Collection: These play sets are scary good fun. The Ghost Blaster set features a haunted house with spinning glow-in-the-dark ghosts. Cars come screaming down the track ready to knock them down, but can they? After the first ghost goes down, a pendulum is added to the challenge. The Shark Slammer Set launches vehicles through the corkscrew, over a jump and through a shark's mouth for a scary cool finish. And with the Loop and Jump Set your car can speed through the gravity-defying loop for a super cool, high-flying stunt. Includes 1 car. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Each set sold separately, collect them all.

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