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Barbie Fashion Set

Item #: CJG00
Rs: 3875.00
Quantity :
Brand: Barbie Category: Doll Houses and Playsets

Girls can learn to create the perfect look for any glamorous occasion with Barbie doll. With five gorgeous gowns and 15 accessories, girls can mix and match the fashion pieces to put together beautiful outfits, glamorous enough to walk any pink carpet. Different silhouettes, colors and fabrics let you explore your own style amazing accessories add even more experimentation. Choose from four pairs of shoes, three purses, three bracelets, three necklaces and three hairpieces to find the perfect fashion statement. Match colors, designs or moods to land your look on the best dressed list and find your own inner beauty. Includes Barbie doll wearing gown and shoes, plus four additional dresses, three additional pairs of shoes, three purses, three necklaces, three bracelets and three headpieces. Doll cannot stand alone.

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