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Barbie B-Book Laptop

Item #: 0368-12
Rs: 5565.00
Quantity :
Brand: Barbie Category: Laptops and Computers

Barbie B-Magic Monitor Contact Monitor Tech! On the go or being at home, the Barbie B-Magic Monitor notebook addresses it all! fifty video games are in eight categories: Terms, Quantities, Mathematics, Logic, Memory, Songs, Game titles and Devices, and 10 contact video games are playable with the removable monitor. Winning Features: Removable monitor: enjoy as a notebook or change into a tablet. Contact Monitor: Play video games in distinct approaches with the contact monitor or keyboard. Full of Enjoyable: Consists of fifty keyboard video games and 10 contact video games. Exceptional outlook: Unequalled photo good quality printing and complete. Common Features: Removable monitor, QWERY keyboard, sixty video games, Contact monitor. Requirements: Solution Dimensions: 11" x eight.3" x 1.6". Batteries: 2 AA. Age five+

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